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              Duties of Discipline Inspection Department
              2014-06-10   审核人:   (Clicks:)


              1) To fully implement the CPC's policies and decisions and carry out instructions, and deployment from higher Discipline Inspection department and higher Party organization on strengthening anti-corruption and purifying Party Conduct, onParty's discipline inspection workand onexecutive supervision. To supervise and check GIT’s Party organizations at the primary level,leading cadreswho also are CPC members and some other people according to rules inConstitution of the Chinese Communist Party, Inner-Party Supervision Regulations of CPC (trial implementation), Inner-Party Disciplinary Regulations of CPC, andAdministrative Supervision Law.

              2)Comprehensively fulfillingthe dutiesentrusted by Party Constitution under the leadership ofGIT’s Party Committee; shoulderingthe responsibility of administrative supervision and makingsure the five day-to-day work(to educate, to supervise, to investigate, to accept and to guarantee) demanded by Party Committee. Relevant functions should be effectively complemented through attendingGIT’s important political meetings and participating in significant work concerning construction, bidding for bulk materials and equipments and new students enrolling.

              3)AssistingGIT’s Party Committee and administrative leaders to constructof the Party conduct,to buildan honest and clean government and to realize the anti-corruption of our government. Strengthen institutional construction and supervision to ensure thattheresponsibility system for improving the Party's work style and buildingaclean government is carried out conscientiously.

              4)Launchingpublicityand education on Party’s discipline andanti-corruption effectively,based onGIT’s practicalcircumstance to reinforce CPC cadres and party organization’s ability of warding off the corrosive influence, especially that ability of leading cadres.

              5) Acceptingcases on charges and accusation towards party organizations, party members and supervisory objects within theGIT; hearingappeals from party members andsupervisionobjectswithin the jurisdiction who disagree with disciplinary measures against them within party and government; maintainingthe democratic rights and lawful benefits of party members and supervisory objects, and makingsure supervisory objects could discharge their authorities in conformity with legal provisions.

              6)Investigatingcases ofviolating discipline ofthe CPCand government which are related toGIT’s party organization, party members and people under supervision; afterthat, suggestions and decisions should be given to those cadres involved according to results of investigation based on cadre’s administration authority and relevant constitutions.

              7) Strengtheningthe constructionofcadre team ofthe DisciplineInspectionDepartment.

              8)Accomplishingsome other discipline inspection work from higher discipline inspection organizations,GIT’sParty Committee and administrative leaders.

              Address:Guizhou Institute of Technology  1st, Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. zip code: 550003 ICP file number: ICP 13005433, Guizhou

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