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              Duties of Trade Union Committee
              2014-06-10   审核人:   (Clicks:)

              1)To implement work plans and resolutions of GIT’s party committee and the superior trade union; To formulate trade union’s work plans according to the overall objectives and the central task of GIT; To carry out various activities independentlyaccording to the staff's intention.

              2)Toimprove the ideological and political work of staff under the guidance ofGIT’sparty committee;To organize and support staff to study political theory and scientific and cultural knowledge.

              3)To support GIT’s administrative work and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff in the development and reform of GIT.

              4)To protect the staff’s legitimate rights by law, participate in mediation and handle labor disputes and take part in the safety inspections and casualtyinvestigations and so on.Be concerned about the improvement of the staff's working condition and to maintain their safety and health at work.To supervise the implementation of labor protection, security technology, industrial hygiene and other laws, rules and regulations.

              5)To promote GIT’s democratic management and undertake the task of Teachers' Congress agencies. To hold Teachers' Congress and trade union representative assembly on schedule and be responsible for the daily work of the congress, supervising and urging the executive circumstance of Teachers' Congress and the implementation of the proposal. To actively promote open campus affairs and democratic evaluation of cadres.

              6)To sponsor mass activities of "Three Aspects of Education" widely, and commend advanced collectives and individuals together with other departments.

              7) To assist leaders of GIT to organize staff collective welfare.Toactively carry out warm-sending activities, difficult staff subsidies, humanistic care and so on.

              8) To actively carry out various mass cultural and sports activities in coordination with other departments;Toestablish and perfect the amateur culture, art, sports organization and manage all kinds of staff associations.

              9) To strengthen the work of female staff, safeguard the legitimate rights and their special rights, bring the female staff into full play in the institute reform and the other work.

              10) To investigate in the grass–roots and listen to staff opinions, requirements and recommendations,provide information to GIT’s party committee timely,strengthen communication and contact between university leaders and staff.

              11) To strengthen the trade union’s self-construction.To improve the quality of Trade Union cadres;To do a good job of the development and reception of the trade union members; To make good use of trade union funds and assets.To guide and check the division oftrade union and carry out the construction of "the home of the staff" activities.

              12) To finish the tasks assigned by party committee and higher level trade union.

              The Trade Union of GIT was founded in January, 2014. By the April 2014, the union has a total of 428 members. The Trade Union of GIT is a working class mass organization combined voluntarily by the staff, a bridge and bond between the party and staff and a representative of all union members.

              Tel: 8210261

              Address:Guizhou Institute of Technology  1st, Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. zip code: 550003 ICP file number: ICP 13005433, Guizhou

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