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              About GIT
              The current position: HOME>>About GIT>>Leadership

              Zeng Yu

              Posts: Party Secretary of GIT

              Vice President of Provincial Research Association of Guizhou

              Vice President of Creation Planning Association of Guizhou

              Vice President of Association ofA Dream of Red Mansionsof Guizhou

              Vice President of the Council of the Newly-built Local University

              Vice President of Local University’s Cooperative Society of the National Association of Teacher Education in China

              Executive Director of Special Committee of College Photography Teaching in China

              Member of Photographers’ Society in Guizhou

              Member of Poetry Society in Guizhou

              Member of Writing Society in Guizhou.

              Professor Zeng, doctor of economics, was born in March 1962 in Jianyang, Sichuan Province, and he is a member of provincial excellent experts and a tutor for graduate. As Party Secretary of Guizhou Institute of Technology, he presides over the school’s daily work on Party Committee and also is in charge of the routine work of Organization Department. Majoring in geological exploring, Zeng Yu graduated from Department of Geology in Guizhou University of Technology in his youth, and later he worked there as a teacher. He received his Master’s degree of Science at China University of Geosciences and Doctor’s degree in Economics at Sichuan University. He has been to Oxford University for study and training and as a visiting scholar in California State University, Fullerton, USA. Zeng Yu has worked on managing, teaching and researching Ideological Education for youth for a long time, and he has published 54 academic papers and 13 books. He has also hosted a number of research items, most of which have been awarded by government.

              Long Fenjie

              posts: President of GIT

              Member of Editorial Board of the JournalUrban Problems

              Council of Global Chinese Real Estate Congress (GCREC )

              Doctor Long Fenjiewas born in October, 1970 in Qishan county of Shanxi province, and he serves as President of Guizhou Institute of Technology (GIT) and also a professor of Tsinghua University. He presides over the whole administration work of GIT, managing Department of Personnel, the Finance and Planning Office, and Development and Planning Office.

              Professor Long has studied in the Civil Engineering Department of Tsinghua University and College of Urban and Environmental Sciences of Peking University, receiving his Bachelor ‘s and Master ‘s degree of Engineering in Tsinghua University and Doctor’s degree of Science in Peking University respectively. He has been a visiting scholar in the City University of New York, USA.

              Professor Long has long been engaged in the research of the field of urban development and real estate, and has hosted and participated in a number of key academic research items such as National Natural Science Funds of China (including key programs and general programs), major projects of National Philosophy and Social Science Fund, “11thfive-year plan” of Beijing philosophy and social science planning projects, etc. He has been awarded the first prize of teaching achievements of Tsinghua University, and has published 1 treatise, 2 translated works, and more than 40 papers in journals both at home and abroad.

              Liang Jie

              posts:Vice President of GIT

              Commissioner of DPP Provincial Party committee of Guizhou

              Member of Scientific Decision Society of Guizhou Province

              Peer-Reviewer of the General Programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

              Professor Liang Jie, was born in January 1961 in Guang’an, Sichuan province, and he is a researcher with a doctor’s degree and a tutor for graduate. As Vice President of Guizhou Institute of Technology, he mainly manages the work of Academic Research Office, Editorial Department of Journal, Library, Design & Research Institute, and is in charge of the routine work of 2011 Center of Cooperative Innovation. Besides, he is also responsible for work schedules of School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Materials and Metallurgy Engineering and School of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

              Majoring in non-ferrous metallurgy, Liang Jie graduated from Metallurgy Department of Guizhou University of Technology, and later received his Master’s Degree in Engineering in Central South University (CSU) and his Doctor’s degree of engineering in Kunming University of Science and Technology in metallurgical physicochemistry. Liang Jie’s research interests lie in new technology of hydrometallurgy, metallurgical physicochemistry and comprehensive utilization of resources. He has hosted 11 scientific research items at provincial or ministry level, been authorized 3 licenses of China Invention Patent and 1 patent of utility model. Also he has published 30 academic papers, most of which are collected by SCI, EI and CPCI-S.

              Meng Zhong

              post: Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of GIT

              Meng Zhong, the Shui Nationality, was born in October 1970. He is a member of the Party committee of Guizhou Institute of Technology and the university’s Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission. He is in charge of Discipline Inspection and auditing department, assisting the President to manage the work of Auditing Office. Besides, he is also responsible for the routine work of Foreign Language Department, School of Resources and Environmental Engineering and School of Economics and Business Management.

              Meng Zhong graduated from Jiangxi University, majoring in Finance and Economics, then he got his master’s degree after studying political science in Party School of the Central Committee of CPC. He also attended the 37thtraining for middle - aged and young-aged Cadres and the 14thSenior Seminar for Public Administration in Tsinghua University.

              Song Guangqiang

              Post: Deputy Secretary of Party Committee

              Song Guangqiang, was born in November 1968 in Zhecheng, Henan province. As Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Guizhou Institute of Technology, he is in charge of the General Office (including Party Committee Office, Administration Office and the Archives Office), Trade Union and the assets transforming between Guizhou Institute of Technology and Guizhou University, as well as the routine work of Teaching Department of Marxism-Leninism and School of Mining Engineering. Majoring in history, Song Guangqiang graduated from Guizhou University’s history Department and received his Bachelor's degree, after that, he studied the course of educational economics and management in Beijing Normal University.


              Posts: Deputy Party Secretary of GIT

              Senior Politic-Work

              Global Career Development Facilitator

              Zhangbo was born in March 1964 in Qingzhen, Guizhou Province. As Deputy Party Secretary of GIT, Zhang is in charge of Students Affairs Office (including Military Department and Student Financial Assistance Center) and Youth League Committee. He also assists the President to manage the Office of Admission and Employment, Office of International Exchanges and Security Office, as well as the Department of Physical Education, School of Chemical Engineering and School of Light Industry Engineering. Zhangbo graduated from Southwestern Normal University and received his Bachelor’s degree in Education, and later he furthered his postgraduate study in Political Science in Guizhou Provincial Communist Party School.

              Wang Jianping

              post: Vice- President of GIT

              Wang Jianping was born in Feb. 1962 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Professor Wang is a Doctor of Engineering, supervisor of Master Candidate and famous teacher of Guizhou Province. He is in charge of Teaching Affairs Office (including Teaching Quality Assessment Monitoring Center) and the construction affairs of new campus area, as well as school of Architecture & Urban Planning Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and School of Transportation Engineering. Majoring in Ship's Internal Combustion Engine, he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and received his Bachelor’s degree, then he furthered his study in Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT), receiving his Master’s degree in the major of solid mechanics and Doctor’s degree in Structural Engineering. Professor Wang has published nearly 20 academic papers on all kinds of journals, including 2 in SCI, 6 in EI and 5 in ISTP, and most of his research papers have been published on core journals. He also issued an academic treatise (The Theoretical Study on Composite Material Cable-stayed Bridge Design). He has successfully posted and accomplished 10 academic projects and 6 of them are ministry-and-provincial-level projects (including 2 international science and technology cooperation project of Guizhou Science and Technology Agency).

              Jing Yaping

              Posts: Vice President

              Director Member of the Automation Association of Guizhou Province

              Director Member of the Guizhou Association of Young Scientists and Technologists

              Professor Jing manages state-owned assets department, Laboratory and equipment management department, Network Information center, Engineering Training center, College of further education, Normal College of Occupation Technology Education, and transfer of assets with Guizhou university. She is responsible for contacting with college of information engineering, college of electrical engineering, and college of science. She is also in charge of routine work of development of basic ability of Universities and colleges in central and west China. Professor Jing was born in August 1964 and graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She is the tutor for graduate, renowned teacher of Guizhou Province, academic leader of electronic commerce.


              Doctor Liu Xingping

              Post: President Assistant

              Doctor Liu assists the President Long Fenjie in managing Development and Planning Department and manages Logistics Department. And he also assists the Vice President Jing Yaping in managing College of further education, and Normal College of Occupation technology education.

              Doctor Liu was born in September 1974 and graduated with the doctor degree from Hehai University ‘s College of resources and environments, majoring in Environment Engineering. He was appointed associate researcher in 2008. He successively worked as vice secretary of Youth League committee, secretary of Youth League committee and director of Publicity Department in Hehai University where he focused on the reform and development of the university, and was involved with the youth Marxists training project, quality enhancement project, voluntary service project, innovation and business startups project, culture construction project, Communist Youth League Construction Cohesion Project. He was awarded honorary titles of outstanding volunteers of Jiangsu province and excellent cadre of communist youth league of Jiangsu province. Doctor Liu has published more than ten dissertations on higher education such as on the influence of student organizations in universities and ways to establish student organizations in universities, on subject relationship of construction of harmonious campus and establishment of subject relationship, A new idea on helping university go out of predicament by enhancing subject status of university students.

              Address:Guizhou Institute of Technology  1st, Caiguan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. zip code: 550003 ICP file number: ICP 13005433, Guizhou

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